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Original vintage posters, restored and mounted on canvas including the great classics of French and international cinema, original advertising posters, posters promoting the great regions of France and French state-owned industries (the Navy, Air France, national railway services...), historic exhibitions, theatrical performances and legendary venues...
These original artefacts afford us a glimpse into the past which, as the saying goes, is in itself a foreign country. As one of the main mediums of information of their time, many generations grew up discovering and understanding the world through the information they contained. Both in cities and rural areas, the only information at their disposal would have come through these posters, be that propaganda or advertising.
The invention of the lithograph at the end of the 18th century in Germany, revolutionised European printing. By the early and mid-19th century it was completely transformed into the great industry that we recognise today.
Bigger equipment allowed for larger formats to be printed and led to the creation of ever more spectacular posters that were put together using several sheets of paper such as Henri de Toulouse Lautrec’s “La Goulue”. Chéret’s large format designs soon followed suit. A hundred and thirty years ago, works of art were being reproduced as lithographs and stuck up in the street, becoming the standard medium of information throughout France and Western Europe.
Who could have guessed that these documents, known as the “poor man’s painting”, would one day become such sought-after collector’s items?
Original vintage posters are popular all around the world; they bear great sentimental value and reference places or forgotten brands that remind us of our own shared history. The demand for original posters has never been greater or more diverse, especially since being shared so prominently on social media. Original posters vary greatly in value depending on specific criteria and are sorted into categories such as travelling, advertising of goods and services, cinema, exhibitions and great shows.

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Vintage travel poster - Les Messageries Maritimes - Font le Tour du Monde - Sandy Hook - Circa 1925 - 32.3 by 23.6 inches
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Vintage travel poster by Sandy Hook Circa 1925 - Les Messageries...

Original vintage travel poster realised by Sandy Hook Circa 1925, Les Messageries Maritimes - Font le Tour du Monde

Printed by : Les imprimeries Frères Réunies, Paris

Type of print : Lithograph

Size : 32.3 x 23.6 inches

Linen backed

Condition A-

Price €1,500.00
Original vintage poster - Exposition Philatélique Internationale - Strasbourg - L. Ph. Kamm - 1927 - 48.4 by 33.3 inches
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Original vintage poster by L. Ph. Kamm 1927 - Exposition...

Original vintage poster realised by L. Ph. Kamm in 1927, Exposition Philatélique Internationale - Strasbourg

Printed by : Istra, Strasbourg

Type of print : Lithograph

Size : 48.4 x 33.3 inches

Linen backed

Condition B+

Price €2,000.00
Showing 1-28 of 2130 item(s)