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Original vintage posters, washed and covered with canvas: great classics of French and foreign cinema, vintage advertising posters, regions of France, companies (maritime, Air France, railways) or even major exhibitions, plays and theatres...
The vintage illustrated posters are advertisements from another time. They were practically the only media of modern and early contemporary times. Several generations had as a mean of information only propaganda, and then the advertising of these printed sheets as a link of information in towns and villages. The discovery of the lithographic process in Germany at the end of the 18th century revolutionized printing in Europe in the 19th century. As the machines became larger and larger, the papers became larger and larger and it was possible to print imposing posters using several sheets, such as the poster for "La Goulue" by Henri de Toulouse Lautrec, and only later the pants format by Chéret appeared. Works of art were printed in lithography and then glued on the walls, this was the standard one hundred and thirty years ago in France and throughout Western Europe. Who would have believed then that these documents, long considered as the "poor man's painting", would become a sought-after collector's item nowadays?
Today the vintage poster is a coveted asset in the world for often emotional reasons such as the identification of a place or an old brand with its own history. When decorating an office or a public space, the vintage poster creates an atmosphere. In recent years, the interest of the requests has turned out to be more diverse as the vintage poster is above all an image that can now be distributed everywhere thanks to social networks. Some of these vintage posters are worth more artistically than others. Their themes are travel, advertising of goods and services, cinema, exhibitions and shows.

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Air France - Manaus
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Air France - Manaus

Vintage french travel poster for Air France - Manaus

November 1976

Signed by C.Brunswick

Condition A+

Covered on linen

Format : 50 x 70 cm 

Price €833.33
Showing 1-28 of 1032 item(s)