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Period originals as well as more modern screen prints for films, concerts and events designed by contemporary illustrators or artists. Some of the most remarkable ones are reinterpretations of iconic film posters: Laurent Durieux, Martin Ansin or Olly Moss, as well as modistes artists such as Stefany Cooper or M.Y Chen Zuer. Other international artists included here are Obey, Banksy, Haring, Warhol.
Screen printing is one of the most respected forms of printing, with various blended textures such as metal, fluorescent or even phosphorescent inks. The technique uses a stencil and originates from China. It was particularly popular in the USA before spreading to Europe in the 1950s. Cuban screen printing is also widely respected for the particular width of the prints. Graphic artists have put out very limited edition prints called “variations” that are greatly sought-after. Our collection focuses on numbered and signed limited-edition prints but there are exceptions such as Banksy prints which the artist never signs. Other political prints include those designed by French Fine Art schools les Beaux-Arts for the events of May 1968.
Elbé’s collection of screen prints follows in the footsteps of the original poster collections. We are indeed often asked about the state of today’s poster art scene and without doubt we can say that it is alive and flourishing. Over the last decade or so, talented illustrators have used their skills to promote cinema through Mondo World and Mondo Graphics that have helped artists such as Laurent Durieux, Martin Ansi or Olly Moss become household names. Other artists such as Shepart Fairey have produced their own screen prints. These can be limited editions for concerts or music bands such as the Montreux Jazz Festival or the Rolling Stones and include contributions from Keith Haring, Andy Warhol or Niki de Saint Phalle.

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Karl Bond - Tiffany Cooper - 2015 Silk print for Karl Lagerfeld
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Karl Bond

Original poster printed in silk print by Tiffany Cooper, "Karl Bond", designed for the Karl Lagerfeld's shops exhibition in 2015

Signed and numbered (20 copies)

Condition : A+

Price €900.00
Original Silkprint - 2019 - Stones no filter - 22.4 by 16.5 inches
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Original Silkprint by 2019 - Stones No Filter

Original Original Silkprint realised by in 2019, Stones no filter

Printed by : NC.

Type of print : Sérigraphie

Size : 22.4 x 16.5 inches

Linen backed

Condition B+

Price €600.00
Showing 1-28 of 94 item(s)