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Air France's vintage posters are particularly popular around the world. Indeed, from 1934 to 1963 Air France had the pioneering genius for an airline company to recruit highly talented illustrators to promote its flights. On the one hand Lucien Boucher illustrated more than ten planispheres in the manner of an illuminator, but the airline company also called on all the most illustrious and fashionable French illustrators of their time to evoke the dream of the destinations on offer: De Valerio, Paul Colin, Bernard Villemot, Edmond Maurus, Vincent Guerra, Nathan, Guy Georget and many others.
The old Air France posters are particularly successful and are an authentic invitation to escape. Chic and refinement encouraged a bourgeois class to travel long before mass tourism. Air France was addressing an elite by evoking their codes and dreams. Even today, this invitation to dream is still a real success among amateurs and collectors of vintage posters.

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