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The advertising poster collection brings together original posters promoting products and services. The most popular showcase wines, champagnes, spirits, cars, cycling, ski, golf, tennis, tobacco, foods including popular oils, biscuits, medicine, chocolate, sugar, fish or watches. They flourished in a time of growing mass consumption and often even covered industrial products such as fertilisers and pesticides. The standard size for these posters was often much larger than for tourism posters and were often very creative in communicating the benefits and appeal of the product. For 70 years, illustrators revolutionised the way that products were sold, a change that went well beyond the poster. In the 1890s, Jules Chéret pioneered the illustrated poster advert and originated many of the conventions that characterise the medium. His ‘’Chaix” studio was revered around the world. Sixty years later, Savignac conceptualised advertising and Bernard Villemot was borrowing from Henri Matisse and Georges Braque. It was a trade that was in a constant state of renewal and reinvention and the many artists and illustrators commissioned were paid enough to be able to live off their work: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Victor Mignot, A. Rassenfosse, Misti, Marcellin Auzolle, Donelli, Pierre Simmar, Marcel Bloch, Ludwig Hohlwein, Celos, Grün, Georges Gaudy, Noël Dorville, Spallanzani, J. Jacquelin, Charles Loupot, Marcelo Nizzoli, René Vincent, Jacquemin, Mark Fernand Severin, Giuseppe Ricobaldi, Jack Le Breton, Alfred Cardinaux, R. de Valerio, Sterne Stevens, Gerold, Roger Pérot, Maurice Barbey, Hans Liska, David Dellepianne, Béligond, Alphonse Mucha, Leonetto Cappiello, Cassandre, Géo Ham, Paul Colin, Edward Hopper, Hervé Morvan, Achille Mauzan, Jean d’Ylen. Other industries soon cottoned on and started also using posters to advertise. These included insurance, electricity and oil companies as well as the armed forces to drive recruitment.

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