Original and vintage posters

Elbé is a gallery of original vintage posters that exists since 1976. A true Parisian institution in the Faubourg Saint-Germain in the 7th arrondissement, Paris France, our speciality is the sale, purchase and expertise of authentic vintage posters. Passion for some, love at first sight for others, vintage posters now belong to the art market.

Vintage posters are a niche of art whose interest lies in theme, condition and signature.

The precursors of advertisement very quickly understood the importance of the dream to fascinate the public.The exoticism, the adventure, the change of scenery and the thirst for curiosity marked the nascent 20th century.

The posters of the Elbé collection is mainly based on tourism and advertising posters, the great myths of cinema, sports and some contemporary serigraphs.

They date from 1890 to 1980 but the vast majority of the collection focuses on the period 1920-1960.

The posters were printed in lithography, they are not reproducible and can be distinguished by the change of colours, the quality of the vintage paper and their characteristic smell.

Our posters are washed and covered by French craftsmen and artists from the Cher and Yonne regions. The vast majority were printed at the time using the lithographic process.

You can ask for more details about our posters. We categorize them in quality from A+ to B-.

Our vintage posters can be purchased online or by e-mail with clic&pay.

The shipment is guaranteed within a week by international transport and all our shipments are insured.

You can also let us know about a particular research we are at your disposal.

Librairie Elbé Paris, affiches anciennes et modernes