Original and vintage posters

Elbé is a gallery dedicated to original antique posters, situated on the Boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris. Since 1976, it has specialised in the sale, purchase and valuation of vintage posters. Their passion for original posters is shared by professional collectors and enthusiasts alike, and has contributed in making them valued pieces of art in their own right.

Vintage posters are a niche in the art market and valuations depend as much on the theme as on the condition and artist who created the poster.

Advertising visionaries understood early on illustration’s unique ability to transport and delight the viewer. Early 20th century posters are dominated by exoticism, adventure and the birth of mass travel. Foreign sceneries invite the viewer into new landscapes that have only recently become accessible, the sense of wanderlust is overwhelming.

Many of the most important examples of these themes can be found in the Elbé collection, as well as the great icons of cinema, sporting events and destinations, art exhibitions and more contemporary screen prints.

Our catalogue includes posters dating as far back as 1890 as well as more recent examples from the 1980s. The majority of the collection however dates between 1920 and 1960 and was printed as litographs which cannot be reproduced.

These original lithographs stand out for their unique colour tones, the character of the original paper and their unmistakable aroma.

Yes, our noses play a part also. All the posters in our collection have been professionally cleaned and mounted on linen by French artisans.

If you would like more information about our collection or a specific poster please get in touch.

They are organised by theme and graded by quality from A+ to B- depending on their condition.

They can be acquired online or by sending us an email, and orders are dispatched within a week by insured international courier.

The gallery is open Monday to Saturday from 11-18:00, if you have any request concerning one of the items in our collection or perhaps a specific poster of theme that is not, please get in touch.