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The vintage posters known as advertising posters include all those for products and services. The most popular advertising posters are those for wine, champagne, automobiles, bicycles, skiing, golf, tennis, gastronomy, spirits such as the very popular wine, but also oil, cookies, medicines, chocolate, sugar, fish, watches or automobiles. Used in a society that was already tending towards mass consumption, the themes are often offbeat: tobacco, fertilizers, pesticides, absinthe and other spirits. They can be quite large, unlike tourist posters, the standard could be much higher. Advertising posters are also a reference for creativity. They respond to a need for communication and a request to make a point. In about seventy years, illustrators will revolutionize their way of showing a part of the world, the one that sells. In the 1890s Jules Chéret pioneer of illustrated advertisement starts with a blank sheet of paper, he has almost everything to imagine. His workshop "Chaix" will become a world reference. Sixty years later, Savignac conceived advertising, Bernard Villemot showed us influences from Henri Matisse or Georges Braque. They were a profession that was constantly being revolutionized by artists and illustrators at the service of commissions that allowed them to live and they were numerous: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Victor Mignot, A. Rassenfosse, Misti, Marcellin Auzolle, Donelli, Pierre Simmar, Marcel Bloch, Ludwig Hohlwein, Celos, Grün, Georges Gaudy, Noël Dorville, Spallanzani, J. Jacquelin, Charles Loupot, Marcelo Nizzoli, René Vincent, Jacquemin, Mark Fernand Severin, Giuseppe Ricobaldi, Jack Le Breton, Alfred Cardinaux, R. de Valerio, Sterne Stevens, Gerold, Roger Pérot, Maurice Barbey, Hans Liska, David Dellepianne, Béligond, Alphonse Mucha, Leonetto Cappiello, Cassandre, Géo Ham, Paul Colin, Edward Hopper, Hervé Morvan, Achille Mauzan, Jean d’Ylen.
Finally, certain professions very early on used the Claim to advertise, such as insurers, the electrical industry, the oil industry, and the army to enlist in the French Navy or Air Force.

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