Vintage travel poster - Paul Colin - 1956 - Air France Afrique - 39.6 by 24.6 inches

This original travel poster dated 1956 belongs to the Air France Africa travel series. Artist Paul Colin (1882-1985) was hand-picked by Jean Carlu to design a poster inline with the style of the leading artists of the Alliance Graphique Internationale. Paul Colin was a celebrated illustrator and member of the forward-thinking Union des Artistes Modernes. This advert was designed to promote the airline and its far-reaching international network. The designer celebrates the diversity of the Savanna wildlife, a buffalo in the forefront and stylised silhouettes of lions and elephants, blending dark earthy textures with a tawny background: “Paul Colin posters are at the crossroads of various artistic styles, so to speak… they both mirror the events they depict and reflect the viewer’s gaze.”. (1) J. RENNERT, extract from 100 affiches de Paul Colin. Ed: Chêne. 1977.


Data sheet

39.6 "
24.6 "

Vintage travel poster by Paul Colin 1956 - Air France Afrique

Original vintage travel poster realised by Paul Colin in 1956, Air France Afrique

Printed by : Courbet

Type of print : Lithographie

Size : 39.6 x 24.6 inches

Linen backed

Condition A

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