Vintage Air travel posters

Original vintage posters of airline companies as Air France, TWA, MEA signed by Villemot, Auriac, Nathan, Savignac, Jean Colin, Lucien Boucher, Even, Guy Georget, J.-M. Nabrin...

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  • Vintage travel poster of TAI Intercontinental Air Transport France for the South PacificCirca 1960Printed in Paris by the East of the Vasselais in ParisSigned by Hervé MorvanCondition A +Stitched on linenSize: 64 x 100 cmPrice: 1,800 euros

  • Air France original travel poster for the USSRSigned by Georges MathieuCirca 1960Printed by Paul Dupont in ParisCondition A +Stitched on linenSize: 24 by 39.3 inchesPrice: 1200 euros

  • Vintage poster for Fly TWA Jets (Los Angeles)Signed by David KleinCirca 1960Printed in the USA Condition A +Stitched on linenSize: 64 x 101 cmPrice: 1800 euros

  • Vintage travel poster of Air France for Greece.Circa 1960Printed by S.A. Courbet in ParisSigned by Guy GeorgetCondition A +Stitched on linenSize: 63 x 100 cmPrice: 1 500 euros

  • Original vintage travel poster of Air Lebanon C.G.D.TCirca 1950Printed in France by Alépée & Cie in ParisSigned by GuerraCondition AStitched on linenSize: 62 x 100 cmPrice: contact us

  • Original vintage Air France travel poster for the Far East.Circa 1950Printed by Perceval in ParisSigned by Lucien BoucherCondition AStitched on linenSize: 61 x 99 cmPrice: € 2,500

  • Air France vintage travel poster for North Africa by AirPrinted in France by Guiraud Rivière workshops.Date : 1934Condition: A +Signed by Guiraud RivièreStitched on linenSize: 62 x 98.5 cmPrice: 6000 euros

  • French vintage travel poster of AIR FRANCE Côte d'Azur poster from 1964 signed by Gruau.Printed by S.A. Courbet in ParisCondition A +Stitched on linenSize: 99 x 63 cmPrice upon request.

  • Original vintage travel poster for M.E.A made and signed by AuriacCirca 1960Printed by the ETS de la Vasselais in ParisCondition A +Stitched on linenSize: 53.5 x 80.5 cmPrice: 1500 €

  • Original vintage travel poster for Panam 747 from 1969 make by Peter MaxPrinted in the USACondition A +Stitched on linenSize: 41.7 x 28.3 inches

  • Original travel poster made by Plaquet in the 1950s by the Aerovias Guest for the Mexican International Airline Miami MexicoPrinted in FranceCondition B +Stitched on linenSize: 24,6 x 39,3 inches

  • Vintage travel poster made by Maurice Pecnard in the 1950s for UAT AéromaritimePrinted in France in ParisCondition B +Stitched on linenSize: 64 x 99.5 cmContact us for the price

  • Original French travel poster of AIR FRANCE Extreme Orient poster by Ray Bret Koch from 1938Printed in France in ParisCondition A +Stitched on linenSize: 31.5 x 49.5 cmPrice up on request

  • Original French travel poster AIR FRANCE poster for Central Africa MétropoleCirca 1940Printed in France in ParisCondition A +Stitched on linenSize: 31 x 50 cmPrice upon request

  • Vintage travel poster of Air France ISRAEL from 1949, designed by EvenSize: 31 cm by 50 cmStitched on linenCondition A +

  • Vintage travel poser of Air France Paris from 1947, drawn by BaudunnSize: 61 cm by 99.5 cmStitched on linenCondition A +

  • Vintage travel poster of Air France Paris Rome from 1938, by SolonPrinted in Paris by France AffichesSize : 31 cm by 50 cmLinen backed Condition A+

  • Vintage travel poster Alitalia Airline poster for Tokyo from 1959Printed in Italy by EliografSize: 68.5 cm by 100 cmStitched on linenCondition B +Price: 1500 €

  • Vintage travel poster of Varig Airlines poster for BrazilCirca 1960Printed in Brazil by LanzaraSize: 65 cm by 99.5 cmStitched on linenCondition B +Price: 1500 €

  • Original poster of Guy Arnoux Printed in France by Hubert Baille & Cie Size : 61 x 97 cm Price : 3000€ Covered on linen

  • Original vintage Air France travel poster to Israel, from 1949, signed by RenlucPrice : 900 to 1500 €linenbackedCondition B+Size : 24.4 x 39.3 inch.

Showing 22 - 42 of 50 items
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