Vintage Travel Posters

Vintage and original travel posters from 1880 to 1960, railway regionalism, the first airlines, long crossings on board liners or cargo ships, the first seaside resorts and the first ski resorts, car tours, stations, casinos, parks, forests, castles in France and in the World

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  • Vintage french travel poster for Air France - ManausNovember 1976Signed by C.BrunswickCondition A+Covered on linenFormat : 50 x 70 cm Price: de 1500 euros

  • French vintage travel poster of Air France - Paris - New YorkPrint in France par PERCEVALCondition A+Covered on linenSize : 31 x 50 cm 

  • Vintage french travel poster from Jean ColinAir France - Winter SportPrint in France - HavasCondition A+Covered on linenSize : 21 x 50 cm 

  • Original vintage travel poster of Air France for South AmericaSigned by VillemotCirca 1958Printed by Courbet in ParisCondition A +Stitched on linenSize: 60 x 100 cmPrice: 1800 euros

  • Vintage travel poster of Air France - All South America.Circa 1950Printed by Perceval in ParisSigned by NathanCondition A +Stitched on linenSize: 60 x 100 cmPrice: 1 800 euros

  • Vintage travel poster of Swissair Japan printed in lithographyCirca 1960Condition A +Stitched on linenSize: 101 x 65 cmPrice: 2,000 euros

  • Vintage travel poster of TAI Intercontinental Air Transport France for the South PacificCirca 1960Printed in Paris by the East of the Vasselais in ParisSigned by Hervé MorvanCondition A +Stitched on linenSize: 64 x 100 cmPrice: 1,800 euros

  • Air France original travel poster for the USSRSigned by Georges MathieuCirca 1960Printed by Paul Dupont in ParisCondition A +Stitched on linenSize: 24 by 39.3 inchesPrice: 1200 euros

  • Vintage poster for Fly TWA Jets (Los Angeles)Signed by David KleinCirca 1960Printed in the USA Condition A +Stitched on linenSize: 64 x 101 cmPrice: 1800 euros

  • Vintage travel poster of Air France for Greece.Circa 1960Printed by S.A. Courbet in ParisSigned by Guy GeorgetCondition A +Stitched on linenSize: 63 x 100 cmPrice: 1 500 euros

  • Original vintage travel poster of Air Lebanon C.G.D.TCirca 1950Printed in France by Alépée & Cie in ParisSigned by GuerraCondition AStitched on linenSize: 62 x 100 cmPrice: contact us

  • Original vintage Air France travel poster for the Far East.Circa 1950Printed by Perceval in ParisSigned by Lucien BoucherCondition AStitched on linenSize: 61 x 99 cmPrice: € 2,500

  • Air France vintage travel poster for North Africa by AirPrinted in France by Guiraud Rivière workshops.Date : 1934Condition: A +Signed by Guiraud RivièreStitched on linenSize: 62 x 98.5 cmPrice: 6000 euros

  • French vintage travel poster of AIR FRANCE Côte d'Azur poster from 1964 signed by Gruau.Printed by S.A. Courbet in ParisCondition A +Stitched on linenSize: 99 x 63 cmPrice upon request.

  • Original vintage travel poster for M.E.A made and signed by AuriacCirca 1960Printed by the ETS de la Vasselais in ParisCondition A +Stitched on linenSize: 53.5 x 80.5 cmPrice: 1500 €

  • Original vintage travel poster for Panam 747 from 1969 make by Peter MaxPrinted in the USACondition A +Stitched on linenSize: 41.7 x 28.3 inches

  • Original travel poster made by Plaquet in the 1950s by the Aerovias Guest for the Mexican International Airline Miami MexicoPrinted in FranceCondition B +Stitched on linenSize: 24,6 x 39,3 inches

  • Vintage travel poster made by Maurice Pecnard in the 1950s for UAT AéromaritimePrinted in France in ParisCondition B +Stitched on linenSize: 64 x 99.5 cmContact us for the price

  • Original French travel poster of AIR FRANCE Extreme Orient poster by Ray Bret Koch from 1938Printed in France in ParisCondition A +Stitched on linenSize: 31.5 x 49.5 cmPrice up on request

  • Original French travel poster AIR FRANCE poster for Central Africa MétropoleCirca 1940Printed in France in ParisCondition A +Stitched on linenSize: 31 x 50 cmPrice upon request

  • Vintage travel poster of Air France ISRAEL from 1949, designed by EvenSize: 31 cm by 50 cmStitched on linenCondition A +

Showing 22 - 42 of 128 items
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